130 year term for armed robbers

Crimes and Courts

THREE armed robbers have been jailed for a total 130 years in jail for 11 counts of violent crime in Beitbridge.


Beitbridge Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura said society was safe without Charles Chekenyere (24), Marshal Mutekwa (27) and Julias Chibharo (37) whose reign of terror spanned three months from July to October in 2021.

“Homes, where people should feel safe, were no longer safe when you broke into several homes and used violence in your heinous acts. The Beitbridge community was subjected to fear and noone felt safe,” said Bepura in his ruling.


Chekenyere was jailed 40 years, Mutekwa and Chibharo 60 and 30 years respectively.


They will however serve 30, 40 and 25 respectively after some years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.