2 Men Forced To Have Sex With Female Robbers After Boarding Mshika Shika

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police has raised alarm after female rapists/robbers go on a prowl targeting young male commuters.


This comes after two men were forced to have sex with female robbers when they boarded Mshika Shika.


According to police in one of the incidents which happened on the 8th of June 2022 at around 2100 hours, a 22-year-old man was robbed of US$50, a cell phone, and some personal documents after he boarded an unregistered Honda Fit destined for Harare CBD at Puma service station along Ardbernie Rd.

The police report that the vehicle had four occupants, one man and, three women. The suspects reportedly diverted the route and went on to rob and force the commuter to have sex with one of the female suspects.


“Along the way, the suspects diverted the route before robbing the complainant of his valuables and forcing him to have sexual intercourse with one of the female suspects, reads the police statement.

In another separate incident which happened on the 7th of June, a 20-year-old man was robbed of US$40, a cellphone and his wallet after he boarded a Honda Fit which had two men and three women.


…The 3rd incident occurred in Marlborough on 07/06/22 at about 1000 hours. The victim, a man (20), was robbed of US $40, a wallet and a cell phone after he was offered a lift in a Honda Fit vehicle which had five occupants, two men and three women, destined for Avonlea, Harare. The suspects kidnapped the complainant and took him to an unknown house where they slept together and later released him on 08/06/22 at about 1500 hours. #notocrime

On another note, a 50 year old man was robbed of US$500 cash, a cellphone, and bank cards by 10 suspects, six women and four men. This comes after he boarded an unregistered white Toyota Hiace near ZUPCO garage


This is not the first time female rapists have been on the prowl. A number of cases of men getting raped or sexually molested by female rapists after boarding private vehicles were once on a rise.