A Ghananian boy who dressed like a girl to have s3x with boys caught: Video:

Africa Bizarre

In a bizarre video,  obtained exclusively by Zimbo News Network, it is very difficult to believe if someone tells you this girl tells you see is a boy.

Per the pictures and videos sighted on his snapchat account with named Clian but known as Nii Clinton in reality, he dresses and does everything as a girl.

Apparently, he behaves such on the social media platform to lure guys to sleep with him without them knowing she’s a fully boy with a pe_nis.


His cup was full after he had encounter with one guy after they have had the se_xu_al inter_course through his an_*s, the guy wanted to fondle with his breast and b_utt but he refused.


He finally managed to touch his breast side and realized she was a he. He gave him the beatings of his life.


Watch the video for full story;