A Zimbabwean girl on the run after a video of her abusing a 8 months child


A Zimbabwean nanny based in South Africa has gone on the run after a video of her abusing her employer’s 8-month-old child went viral.


The disturbing video appears to have been recorded by the nanny herself though it is unclear who leaked it.


In the video, the nanny, who has been identified as Clarise Chitauri from Zimbabwe, is chatting on the phone while the 8-month-old baby is next to her, lying on the floor.


When the minor starts crying, the nanny puts her foot on her face to silence her. However, when this does not seem to work, Clarise puts her toes into the baby’s mouth.

The abuse occurred in the town of Upington in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.


According to the child’s parents, they had no idea that their child was being abused until they saw the disturbing video on social media.

At that time, however, Clarise Chitauri is reported to have fled already after realising that the video was now circulating on social media.


The child’s father told the SA publication, The South African,


“It is unfortunate that we found out about the abuse and the video after the nanny had left the month before. She fled. We need to find her now.”

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