ADULTERY | Madam Boss’s Husband Admits To Cheating And Impregnating His Mistress

Celebrity Scandals

Popular comedienne and socialite, Madam Boss and her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa’s eight-year marriage could be heading for a crash after the latter impregnated his mistress.


Reports say Madam Boss on Monday clashed with the mistress, Ngonidzashe Evangelista Zhou, after finding out that Munetsiwa had hidden her at their other matrimonial Chitungwiza home.

H-metro revealed that Madam Boss assaulted Zhou, took her mobile phone and deleted all photographs of her husband and the lover.


Madam Boss told the publication that she felt betrayed by Munetsiwa and was not prepared to accommodate Evangelista.


“I could not stomach Evangelista staying at my matrimonial house,” said Madam Boss.

“My sisters-in-law supported me and were also shocked to learn that Ngoni had hidden his pregnant lover at our house.


“I do not know if Ngoni is responsible for Evangelista’s pregnancy, but she vowed not to leave my husband and my house.


“I am expecting Ngoni to clean his dirt and not force me to call it quits.


“I have been quiet for a long time about these allegations, but Evangelista treated me like Ngoni’s mistress.


“She uttered provocative words in front of me and my sisters-in-law, but I remained calm and gave her money to buy food,” said Madam Boss.


Ngoni admitted to bedding Evangelista and begged for time to clear his mess.


“The matter is now being handled by the family,” said Ngoni.


“Yes, I made a mistake, but I will furnish you with details after meeting the families,” he said.


Evangelista spent the better part of yesterday at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court applying for a peace order against Madam Boss.


Sources close to Evangelista disclosed that Ngoni had promised to facilitate her relocation to the United Kingdom.


Ngoni and Madam Boss are said to be toying with the idea of taking Evangelista for paternity tests.