Africa Next As Qatar Bans Mexican ‘Rey Mysterio’ Like Masks At World Cup


The Mexican government confirmed that Qatar World Cup organizers banned Mexican fans from wearing ‘Rey Mysterio’ like masks at the 2022 World Cup tournament for security reasons.

Mexican fans are famously known for wearing Lucha Libre masks as part of their traditional culture. 

However, Mexicans willing to fly for the World Cup in the Middle East have been warned about bringing Lucha Libre masks to the tournament.

“Let’s not forget that we are in a complex region, which is [the] Middle East. In its latest update, where it says what can and cannot be done, masks are prohibited,” said Alfonso Zegbe of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added:

“It is important to coordinate with them, tell them that it is the Mexican (tradition) and it’s possible that they will not say anything or they will say, ‘please take them off. That is why it is recommended not to wear masks.”

When contacted for further details on the matter of banning Lucha masks, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) who are Qatar’s World Cup organisers, said:

“Full face masks, such as the famous Mexican wrestling masks, would obviously have to be removed for security reasons heading into a stadium,” the SC wrote in an emailed statement.

Mexico will face Poland in their opening fixture on 22 November before facing Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

However, African fans are also in the tradition of wearing face masks and embellishing their bodies with paint to show their passion and patriotism.

Since African countries; Ghana, Tunisia, Cameroon, Morocco and Senegal are set to represent the continent in this year’s edition, it remains to be seen whether the Qatar World Cup organizers will impose the same type of  ban on the African fans.