“Airamba Kurambwa”: Mufakose Woman Speaks Out After Her Married Lover Stabbed Her Two Children, Leaving One Dead & The Other Hospitalized

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New details have emerged on the Mufakose man who stabbed his girlfriend’s two children, leaving one dead and the other hospitalized.

Needmore Mauka, the mother of the three children who found themselves at the mercy of her jilted married lover, Thomas Nyamhunga, is mourning the death of her 5-year-old son, who was fatally stabbed, and her 8-year-old son, who sustained serious injuries in the knife attack.

Thomas Nyamhunga

Thomas Nyamhunga, a meat vendor and the jilted man in this heartbreaking incident flew into a fit of rage on Sunday night and mercilessly stabbed his girlfriend’s two children.


Well-acquainted with the children, Nyamhunga arrived at their home in the evening, taking advantage of the mother’s absence. He instructed the children to prepare a meal, which they ate together. Later, under the guise of bedtime, he concealed his malevolent intent to harm them.

Tragically, he shared a bed with Emmanuel Tinenyasha Mauka (5) and callously took the young child’s life by stabbing him while they slept.

According to Needmore’s account to H-Metro, earlier in the day, Nyamhunga called her to inquire about her whereabouts. She informed him that she was in Ngezi. Needmore Mauka asserts that Nyamhunga accused her of infidelity, presuming she was attending the football game with another man.


“He accused me of being with a boyfriend, yet I was with my female friends. The conversation did not go well, and he hung up.


She hurried home after receiving Nyamhunga informed her that he was heading to her house. Sadly, upon her arrival, it was too late—her jilted married lover had already initiated the attack on her children.

“I rushed home after he informed me about his intention to go to my rented house. I arrived around 9pm and found people gathered at my house and I suspected something bad had happened.”


Needmore believes that their argument might have triggered Nyamhunga’s attack on her children. She deeply regrets both her relationship with him and responding to his phone call.


“I regret answering Thomas’ phone call and ever dating him. “I want to believe that the words we exchanged over the phone could have angered him to the extent of killing my child and injuring the other. Andirwadzisa Thomas. “I didn’t know that he was so evil.”