American Hip-Hop Star DaBaby Coming To Zimbabwe


United States of America Hip-Hop sensation Jonathan Lyndale Kirk who is popularly known as DaBaby is heading to Zimbabwe this September, it has been confirmed.


According to reports, he will be headlining at Harare Sports Club and will be supported by Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah.

With the success of his top songs “Suge” and “Bop” in 2019, DaBaby gained recognition as one of the most promising new rappers in America. The 29-year-old Grammy nominee continued to have critical and commercial success by releasing two new albums, “Kirk” in 2019 and “Blame it on Baby” in 2020. He is renowned for his boisterous rapping style, clever wordplay, and solid delivery.


The King of Zimbabwean Contemporary Music, Jah Prayzah, will perform as the American Superstar’s opener. Over the past ten years, the 33-year-old modern master has amassed a sizable fan following because of his distinctive combination of native sounds with urban beats, calming melodies, and potent but beautiful lyrics.

His popular songs “Dzamutsana,” “Kutonga Kwaro,” and “Mudhara Vachauya,” among others, have become anthems in Zimbabwe and other countries.

Fans of DaBaby and Jah Prayzah believe the event will offer the chance for a musical blend that will amaze and excite spectators, despite the concert styles appearing to be incompatible. On social media, fans have shared their enthusiasm for the collaboration.


The timing of DaBaby’s scheduled visit is ideal as Zimbabwe works to rebuild its devastated tourist industry after the COVID-19 outbreak. If the event is a success, it might make the nation famous and establish it as a promising music tourist destination on the continent.

Fans React To DaBaby’s Visit To Zimbabwe


from a business point, this makes sense

the huns are there for dababy and their blessers are there for jah prayzer

fair deal


Before dababy on the stage totanga tambonzwa HOYEEE … HOYEEE MAMBO…. ZUVA RIYE RADOKA


Imi DaBaby anotererwa zvekudaro nemaZimba? Also with all the attention Zim hip hop has been getting why in the world would Jah Prayzah even be on the line up?

WemaBars📶🎸🌍 🇿🇼🇺🇸@InfinityBars99

DaBaby supported by Jah Prayzah?😂😂😂. Zimhiphop artists deserve better.

HEADBOY 👌@TKzee_25

DaBaby munotomuterera here vana vevhu or ndiniwo hangu ndisina exposure