An uptown divorce!! – Well-decorated Zimbos divorce flyer takes social media by storm


Dr. Raymond Chamba, a Zimbabwean executive of Epikaizo Capital, has taken to social media to announce his divorce from his wife, Miss Chideya, via flyers that have gone viral.


In one flyer, Dr. Chamba respectfully and officially acknowledges his divorce from Miss Chideya, citing that, while marriage is meant to last a lifetime, there are times when separation becomes healthier for both parties. The decision was reportedly made for the future benefit of all involved.

The announcement is permanent as of December 27, 2023. The other flyer shares that Miss Chideya is no longer a board member of Epikaizo Capital. The flyers have been met with mixed reactions on social media, with several people speculating on the reason for their divorce, while others praised Dr. Chamba’s mature approach to announcing the separation. Although divorce is an emotional and private matter, some people choose to share news of their separation through social media.


The announcement of this divorce through flyers underscores the broader cultural practice of using various channels to announce significant announcements, whether personal or professional.

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