Another Zimbabwean Brutally Killed By A Mob In South Africa

South Africa

As violent attacks against foreigners continue to take centre stage in South Africa, another Zimbabwean man was recently killed by a mob last in Midrand, South Africa.

Limukani Ndikinya Ndebele was killed by a mob after he allegedly attempted to hijack a car on Allandale Road near Chloorkop open field.

According to reports reaching Zimbo News Network Limukani Ndiminya reportedly got behind the wheel of the car they were trying to hijack but failed to start the car.


As a result, other motorists who had seen what was happening pounced on him.


The now-deceased tried to flee on foot from the angry mob but they caught him and severely beat him.

He was later found in an open space with an open wound on his head and a broken arm.


Confirming the development Sergeant Dipelo Moremi of the Rabie Ridge South African Police Services said;


The now deceased was trying to hijack a car with his two friends but they failed to do so because the mob started fighting them, his two friends used their car to escape from the scene while he tried taking the victim’s car to escape using it.


He failed to start the engine and the mob chased him and he was found dead.

Limukani’s death comes barely a week after another Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi was killed in South Africa.


Elvis Nyathi was murdered by a vigilante group in Diepsloot township, Johannesburg.


Nyathi was beaten and burnt to death by about 30 people who went around Diepsloot asking migrants to show their documents that permit them to be in South Africa legally.