Argentina’s response to France’s petition to replay the World Cup final: Stop crying


France is still not happy with the result of the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where they lost in a penalty shootout against Argentina. In light of this discontent, a petition of signatures was started in France through the Internet to replay the World Cup final.


The survey website has more than 200,000 signatures and the French are furious with the officiating of the game.

Argentina’s response

The response from the followers of the Argentine national team has not been long in coming. Valentin Gomez, an Argentine Twitter account, started an initiative to respond to the French.


“If the French are collecting signatures for a replay of the World Cup final, I propose that we take advantage of the moment of unity of the Argentines and collect signatures so that the French stop crying and also win the World Cup of signatures,” Gomez suggested.


In just a few hours, the Argentinean petition already had more than 30,000 signatures.


Social networks were filled with comments saying that Argentina was the rightful champion.

“Ever since we beat them in the World Cup final, the French haven’t stopped crying, complaining and not accepting that Argentina is the world champion,” one read.


“If it wasn’t for Mbappe, they wouldn’t even make it to penalties,” read another.