Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann offered £90,000 from a famous celebrity to spend the night with him

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The 24-year-old says an international celebrity messaged her bodyguard while she was in a club in Miami offering the grand sum for the privilege of enjoying her company for a night.


Lehmann says she turned the offer down but still has the proof of the offer from the unnamed suitor.


The Swiss forward has become a famous face around the globe in her own right. She has 15.5 million followers on Instagram and even revealed that hit rapper Drake has reached out to request one of her Aston Villa jerseys.


Discussing the indecent proposal on the DirTea Talk podcast, she said: “I was in Miami, my favorite place, and I met some friends at a club,” she said on the DirTea Talk podcast. “I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.


“The texts came from a very well known person. We had previously bumped into one another at an event. The message said: ‘I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs to spend a night with her’.


“But my answer was: ‘no way! And just 100,000?’. The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid.”


She added: “I cannot reveal his name. But he is very, very well known on an international level.”


Lehmann will likely be in action on Sunday when Aston Villa Women face Arsenal in the Women’s Super League.