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At least two dead, 15 missing after flash floods wash away church group

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Emergency Services continue searching for about 15 church members who were reportedly swept away by flash floods on Saturday.


Reports suggest church members were conducting a baptism ritual in the Juksei River and were caught in a flash flood following heavy rains in the Bramley Park area.


At least two people have drowned.


Johannesburg EMS spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi, said search-and-rescue operations continue on Sunday.

“We immediately activated operations along that river stream up until 10pm on Saturday night.

“We will be resuming on Sunday morning to continue with our search looking for the 15 other people who are alleged to be missing,” he said.


“Of course they might have run while the storm came through so we will also activate the services of the local pastor to try and remove any uncertainty about their whereabouts.”

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Source: eNCA