Baba Harare pulls out of Star FM awards


Baba Harare is a talented Zimbabwean artist known for his unique music style, which is a blend of traditional and contemporary rhythms. He has made a name for himself in the music industry, and his songs have garnered a lot of attention and praise from fans and critics alike.


In a statement on his facebook profile he wrote:


Thank you very much Star FM and the listeners for the nomination. I feel honoured.However due to my own personal reasons, I don’t feel worthy of the nomination.There are other great acts/ artists who should have graced the center stage but sadly aren’t in any category. So I wish my nomination to be withdrawn. Thank you once again for the opportunity


This decision came as a surprise to many fans and industry insiders, as Baba Harare had been nominated for several awards and was considered a frontrunner in several categories.


Baba Harare’s decision to pull out of the Star FM Radio Awards is a bold statement, and one that has drawn attention to the need for reform in the music industry. By speaking out against unfair practices and advocating for greater transparency, Baba Harare has become a voice for change in the Zimbabwean music community. It remains to be seen what impact his actions will have on the industry as a whole, but one thing is clear: Baba Harare is a true leader and an inspiration to all those who value fairness and justice.

Source: Online