Bathing everyday in winter can be harmful to your health: research

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These days, cold weather is troubling the country. While some people are using fire to keep themselves warm avoid, some people are shying away from bathing. People who do not bathe daily in winter also have to hear a lot of things from others. Some people make fun and some give strange taunts. When it comes to bathing in cold wintry mornings, most people are shirkers. However, there is good news for people who do not bathe in the winter season. Now nobody will be able to taunt you on a bath.


In recent research, it has been found that daily bathing during winter can be harmful for health. For people who do not bathe daily in winter, this is no less than good news. Know what things have come up about bathing daily in winter.


According to Boston Ranchologist Dr Ranella, there is no need to bathe daily in winter. He said that the skin has the ability to clean itself. If you do not sweat and you do not go into dust or dirt, then you do not need to bathe daily in winter.


Research has revealed that bathing with hot water daily in winter causes dry skin. Bathing in hot water removes natural oils, due to which the skin starts to crack. Excessive bathing makes the skin flaky and dry as it no longer stays moisturized and protected.


Additionally, taking a shower everyday strips the skin of good bacteria that it produces to keep itself healthy and protect it against the toxins of chemical products. This is why dermatologists suggest limiting the number of times you take bath in winter to once in two or three days.