Biti Accuses Chamisa Of Creating A Parody Account To Attack Him


Tendai Biti, the vice president of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), accused party president Nelson Chamisa of creating fake social media accounts to attack him.


This comes after a parody account linked him to Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed interim secretary-general. There are allegations of internal division within the opposition party, with some senior officials including Biti, Welshman Ncube, and Chalton Hwende being accused of being “sell-outs.”


Biti spoke exclusively to NewsDay after a post by a parody account in Sengezo Tshabangu’s name claimed that he and Tshabangu had met to discuss important matters concerning the party. The former Finance Minister is quoted as saying:



I’m not interested. That account must be parody account that was created by Chamisa and his team. Just check it. I have not met Tshabangu and let me repeat that I am not interested.


Biti also told The NewsHawks that he hasn’t met Tshabangu in a long time and has not had a meal at Monomotapa Hotel in 20 years. Said Biti:

That’s false and malicious. I haven’t seen Tshabangu for a long time and haven’t eaten at Crowne Plaza for 20 years now!


Biti reiterated that he has nothing to do with the issue of recalls which have resulted in the expulsion of scores of CCC elected representatives in parliament and municipalities.


The tweet by the parody account claimed that Tshabangu had met Biti at a top hotel in Harare. The account claimed:


Just after my interview on ZBC, I had dinner with one of our decorated change champions and learned man Hon Biti at Crowne Plaza, as he is a victim of dictatorship, we deliberated on pertinent issues that will add value to our struggle for democracy, transparency and constitutionalism.


Tshabangu’s spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni also disowned the account saying it was fake. Phugeni said:


I would think it’s a fake account.


The recent development occurred when Harare councillor Denford Ngadziore prevented former mayor Jacob Mafume from attending a councillors’ caucus meeting at the Town House. This happened before the election of Lovejoy Chitengu as mayor, following the recall of Ian Makone by Sengezo Tshabangu.


Mafume who is considered Biti’s ally is reportedly concerned for his safety after receiving threats. He stated that he did nothing wrong and expressed regret over the events that took place during the caucus meetings. Mafume added:


We are ready for service delivery of the residents and council if asked to do so. So, my conscience is clear even during the period when l was mayor.


I wronged no one except those who want to take Harare. What happened at caucus meeting stays at the caucus meeting.


According to reports, Eric Murai, the provincial taskforce chairperson for Harare, and Matsunga Machuma forced their way into the chambers to ensure that councillors voted as directed by Nelson Chamisa. Murai and Machuma allegedly asked the councillors to show their ballots before casting their votes. When asked for comment, Denford Ngadziore could not confirm or deny the scuffle that took place. He spoke to NewsDay:


l do not want to comment because it was an internal issue.


Chitengu stated that he cannot comment on the matter at this time.


The divisions within the party became apparent just before the August 2023 elections when there were accusations that Chamisa was imposing candidates in certain areas. These divisions became more noticeable after the elections when Sengezo Tshabangu began recalling CCC Parliamentarians and councillors whom he believed were imposed on the voters and were no longer party members. Some party leaders, including Chamisa, suspect that Tshabangu is not acting alone, leading to speculation that Biti may be involved due to his opposition to Chamisa’s strategies.