Bona Mugabe Divorce Shocker: Secret Simba Chikore Marriage Exposed

Celebrity Crimes and Courts

In a shocking revelation, Simbarashe Mutsahuni Chikore, the son-in-law of the late former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, may everything in his divorce from wife Bona Nyepudzai Ouma following revelations of his secret marriage. It has come to light that Chikore committed the grave offence of bigamy by marrying Bona while still legally wedded to Margaret Jeanine Brooks in the United States.

A Web of Deception Unraveled

According to NewsHawks, court documents show that Chikore exchanged vows with Brooks in St. Louis County, Missouri, on 9th October 2000, while he entered into matrimony with Bona on 31st March 2014. Shockingly, Chikore only filed for divorce from Brooks on 23rd April 2014, a month and 23 days after marrying Bona, suggesting an attempt to cover up his tracks.

Legal Implications and Invalid Marriage

This revelation raises serious legal implications for Chikore, as bigamy is considered a criminal offence in Zimbabwe. Experts assert that his civil marriage to Bona could be deemed invalid due to the illicit nature of his actions. Not only does Chikore face potential legal consequences, but his claim to a significant portion of their estate is also under threat.


A legal commentator explained the gravity of the situation, stating,

“Bigamy is a serious crime in Zimbabwe. Simba Chikore’s double marriage puts him in a vulnerable position. If his marriage to Margaret Jeanine Brooks was still intact at the time he married Bona, his subsequent marriage could be rendered invalid under Zimbabwean law.”

A Fall from Grace and Public Disillusionment

The fallout from this scandalous love triangle is expected to be extensive, and Chikore’s reputation may never recover. Friends and acquaintances of the couple express their shock and disappointment. One anonymous source claims, “We never expected this from Simba. It’s a shame he would resort to such deceitful behaviour.”


Uncertain Future and Legal Consequences

As the divorce proceedings unfold, the court will undoubtedly delve into the details of Simba Chikore’s secret marriage, potentially leading to significant consequences for his personal and financial future.

The Battle for Bona’s Heart: A Look at the Divorce Drama

Bona Mugabe, daughter to late former state President Robert Mugabe, filed for divorce from her husband Simba Chikore after nine years of marriage to the pilot.

Chikore’s bigamy bombshell has thrust the couple into the limelight, with their estate and properties at stake. Chikore listed a long inventory of properties acquired during their marriage, including a 6,385-hectare far, land in the affluent Harare suburb of Helensvale, and one property worth $40 million, another worth $11 million, along with other plots.

The couple is also fighting over farm equipment, including one combined harvester and other equipment worth millions of dollars. Additionally, Chikore claims a mansion for Dubai worth 30 million dirhams (£8.7m)