Brave 10-Year-Old Girl Assists in Home Birth, Helping Deliver Baby Sister


Miracle Moore, a 10-year-old from Missouri, found herself in an unexpected situation when her mother, Viola Fair, went into labor three weeks early. With no time to spare and the hospital out of reach, Miracle took charge and dialed 911.

As she anxiously waited for help to arrive, Miracle stayed remarkably calm, following the dispatcher’s instructions meticulously. In a mere 11 minutes, she transformed from a young girl to a composed assistant midwife, guiding her mother through the intense process of childbirth.

Despite her tender age, Miracle exhibited remarkable courage and presence of mind. With each instruction she relayed to her mother, she brought a sense of reassurance and confidence to the otherwise chaotic situation.

When Jayla finally made her entrance into the world, it was not just a moment of joy but a testament to the incredible bond between Miracle and her mother. Viola, filled with gratitude and pride, praised her daughter for her quick thinking and unwavering support during the birth.

Moments later, the paramedics arrived, whisking Viola and baby Jayla off to the hospital. Thanks to Miracle’s swift actions and calm demeanor, both mother and daughter were pronounced healthy and safe.

Miracle’s heroic act didn’t just save a life; it showcased the strength and resilience that can emerge from unexpected challenges. In her small but significant way, she proved that age is no barrier to courage and that love and determination can triumph even in the face of adversity.