Bulawayo Man Pulls A “Boss Pangolin”, Records Himself Shooting Lover Dead In Burnside After She Dumped Him

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A Bulawayo man has shocked the country after he recorded himself shooting dead his lover, in an incident reminiscent of the late murderous dealer Boss Pangolin.

The killer, who has been identified as Musa Dube, recorded himself shooting dead his 22-year-old lover in cold blood. The shocking incident occurred in Bulawayo’s Burnside suburb on November 5, 2022, at around 0100 hours.


The police have since appealed for any information from members of the public which may result in the apprehension of the cold-blooded killer.


According to reports and leaked messages, Musa Dube was furious that his lover had dumped him. In a chat with one of his relatives, he expressed fury at the now deceased for claiming that he was not of her class, yet he had sponsored her university education.

He then armed himself with a CZ pistol and informed his cousin Thune Moyo that he was going to shoot her for dumping him. In the chats, however, he said that he was not going to shoot the other man because he had not wronged him in any way.

Musa Dube then went to the woman’s house, at which point he started recording the whole encounter on video.

After the woman opened the door and let him in, he shot her. After she fell to the ground, he continued shooting her, placing most of his shots in the head and upper torso region.


In the disturbing video of the shooting, Dube appears to have emptied the gun’s entire magazine while shooting at the deceased’s lifeless body.


After committing the diabolic act, Dube continued filming himself as he left the body and the house. The entire horrific encounter lasted less than 14 seconds.

He is reported to have gone on the run.

This disturbing cold-blooded murder comes barely three months after a similar incident shocked the country.

In July, the late Ximex Mall dealer Boss Pangolin, real name Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa, committed suicide after shooting dead his ex-lover Samantha Dzapata.


A voice note later emerged, of Murengwa admitting to a relative that he killed Dzapata. He accused her of leaving him for another man after he had invested a lot into her and their relationship.