Bulawayo Polytechnic Bans Mini Skirts, Ripped Jeans & Tight Fitting Clothes

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Bulawayo Polytechnic has introduced a new dress code which blocks female students from wearing skimpy or revealing clothing.


According to a notice making rounds on social media, female students will be barred from lecture rooms for wearing clothes which are tight-fitting or reveal cleavage.

“The institution’s mandate is to train and groom professionals for commerce and industry…,” a November 15 memo signed by Chiedza Masanganise, the polytechnic’s principal, stated.

Bulawayo Polytechnic Bans Mini
Bulawayo Polytechnic Bans Revealing Clothes

According to the memo, those judged to be “inappropriately dressed” will be blocked from accessing the school’s facilities and attending lectures, he added.

The new regulations ban skirts or dresses that are more than five centimeters above the knees; string tops or dresses; biker and bum shorts; clothing that reveals cleavage; does not cover the shoulders and stomach; is short, tight-fitting, ripped, sleeveless or see-through.

Headgear is banned for male students except on religious grounds. Also banned is “dropping of trousers” or shorts, and slippers.