CCC Dismisses “Mischievous” Leaked Candidate Lists

2023 Elections Politics

CCC has dismissed purported lists of its candidates for the upcoming harmonised elections circulating on social media platforms and has warned its aspiring candidates against celebrating early victory.

NewsDay quoted CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere as saying the Candidate Independent Section Panel (CISP) was yet to release the list of successful candidates.

Mahere said a formal list of successful candidates will be announced: “at the appropriate time”. She said:

It’s important to highlight that once each step is complete, a formal report is presented to the panel, which then collates all the factors to select a candidate.

The citizen caucuses are not decisive nor are they meant to necessarily produce a single candidate.

All factors will be taken into account and a formal list will be announced at the appropriate time.

No person who is not the CISP has the prerogative to announce candidates. We call on all citizens and stakeholders to be patient with the process and to disregard mischievous elements referring to ‘leaked lists’.

As soon as the final, official candidate list is complete, it will be made public and communicated officially.

The CCC candidates’ selection criteria is a five-step process. These are nomination, candidate acceptance of confirmation, candidate vetting, announcement of candidates, and consensus-building caucuses.

During the candidate selection process, CCC was also looking at three attributes of loyalty, the first is loyalty to the country, the second is loyalty to the people or the constituency, and the third one is loyalty to God.