Chamisa: “CCC Deployed Agents To All Polling Stations, Expecting Results By August 24”


Nelson Chamisa, the leader of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), told party supporters at the White City Sports Stadium in Bulawayo this Sunday that the party’s agents had been deployed to all 12,374 polling stations. He confidently stated that the party would have the election results by August 24.


Polling agents play a crucial role in ensuring fair elections. They are appointed representatives of political parties tasked with monitoring polling stations. In the 2018 elections, the MDC Alliance, under Chamisa’s leadership, encountered challenges due to the absence of agents at certain polling stations. This resulted in allegations of rigging, but without their presence, the party was unable to substantiate the claims. Polling agents act as vigilant observers, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process and enabling parties to address any irregularities or concerns that may arise.


Chamisa also introduced David Coltart, a former Education Minister and council candidate for the party. Coltart, a seasoned lawyer, pledged to address pressing issues in the local government authority of Bulawayo. These issues include corruption, water scarcity, violation of vendors’ rights, corrupt tender allocations, and resident abuse. With his legal expertise, Coltart expressed his commitment to reviewing council by-laws that do not prioritize the public’s interests.

The leader of CCC will address the final rally before the election in Harare on Monday.

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