Chaos at shopping centre: Man catches wife with another man

Controversy Scandals

A MARRIED woman failed in her bid to obtain a peace order against her husband for alleged physical and verbal abuse.


Chipo Mavhura had approached the Harare Civil Court, saying she was fed up with the conduct of her husband, Tigere Miswe.


However, presiding magistrate Tamara Chibindi dismissed her application for lack of merit after weighing the evidence which was presented.


Chipo said:


“He is my husband, but he brought another woman into my house.


“His second wife is using my property, but she calls me a prostitute.


“My children are not going to school because I moved out of the house with them.


“On July 31, I went shopping, then my husband met me at the shops walking with a builder, whom I was paying some money.

“My husband started shouting ‘hure’ at me, and people poured water on me and started kicking me.”

However, Tigere disputed his wife’s allegations.


“Your worship, I caught my wife holding hands with another man.


“I always reprimanded her but she would not listen. “Akandishoreyi kusvika pakuita chikomba?


“If she wants to come back, ngaandinanzve handisi kuzodzora tsvimbo,” he said.

— HMetro