Chatunga praises JT Voltz and Winky D


The music debate for superiority between hip-hop musician Holy Ten and JT Voltz continues to grow daily.


In a recent Instagram live, former late President Mugabe’s son Chatunga said JT Voltz’s music is better than Holy Ten.


While Chatunga was on Instagram Live, a certain fan raised a question about the long-standing debate on who is better between Holy Ten and fellow hip-hop artist JT Voltz.


Chatunga insisted that YouTube numbers do not matter; the fact still remains that JT Voltz is better than Holy Ten because he is independent and he doesn’t perform at rallies.

In his words on the live Chatunga says “Holy Ten has more views than JT but still that doesn’t mean Holy is better, have you ever seen Voltz at rally daa. Voltz is pure music, Voltz Haana kana label anenge achitongoita ega. Mfana akaipa uyu I don’t wanna lie to you.


Chatunga also went on to praise Raggae/dancehall artist Winky D for his consistency in the music industry, saying he would rather be in the crowd to make sure he attends Winky D’s show.

At the end of the live chat, Chatunga admits that both artists are talented.

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