Chimanimani school loses four pupils in horror crash

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TILBURY Primary School in Chimanimani lost four of its pupils in the Chipinge bus disaster which left the community grief-stricken.


A total of 37 people perished and several others were injured after a Roman Catholic Church owned bus carrying members of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) on their annual Easter pilgrimage in Bikita were was involved in an accident near Jopa Market in Chipinge on Friday night.




Three Tilbury Primary School students from the same class died in the accident, which also claimed another student from a different class.


Their grief-stricken teacher, Hardwork Makamanzi, said he was devastated to learn of his kids’ demise.

“I lost three of my students, two girls and one boy, in the Chipinge accident. I am so hurt and devastated by the incident. It is not easy to lose your loved students in such a gruesome manner,” he told in an interview.


Makamanzi said the tragedy has psychologically and mentally affect the other children in the class.


“It will take a long time for the remaining students to come to terms with what happened to their classmates. It will be very hard for the students to accept that someone who used to sit close to him or her is no more. Surely, it will not be easy for me and the students when schools open for the second term,” said a distraught Makamanzi.


“As the death toll continues to rise, there are chances that more students from other surrounding schools in the area might also have been victims of the accident,” he said.