Chinotimba Loses To Ngoni Mudekunye In ZANU PF Primaries


War veteran and trade unionist Joseph Chinotimba, who has been Buhera South MP since 2013, will not be able to retain the seat on a ZANU PF ticket in the upcoming elections following his loss to Ngoni Mudekunye in yesterday’s primary elections.


Reports indicate that Chinotimba lost the election by a huge margin after polling a paltry 1 356 votes.

Ngoni Mudekunye garnered 7 890 votes, and the other candidate, one F. Chimbare got 2 870 votes.

In May 2022, Chinotimba got himself in trouble for referring to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in public as “Mnangagwa” without his full title.


ZANU PF officials and members are wont to use Mnangagwa’s full titles, The First Secretary, His Excellency, The President, Dr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, when addressing him in public.


In an address to a gathering in his constituency, Chinotimba accused Mnangagwa of plotting to dislodge him in Buhera South by imposing his preferred candidate, Mudekunye. Chinotimba said:


You elected me into this post. Why are you now saying I must go? I have done development projects including installing electricity at your school. This Mudekunye is not going anywhere. That’s why Mnangagwa is now imposing his preferred candidates on grounds that they are learned…

Chinotimba eventually visited State House and apologised to Mnangagwa for his remarks after he was put under immense pressure.