Comic Pastor’s Ex-wife Documents Horrific Abuse She Faced While Married To The Comedian


Comedian Comic Pastor has found himself at the centre of a storm of abuse allegations made by his ex-wife, Munyalee Mavura. Munyalee took to Facebook to share her story, detailing what she terms as horrific experiences while married to the famous comedian.

In her Facebook post, Munyalee reveals that she was a victim of physical abuse at the hands of Comic Pastor throughout their six-year marriage. She recounts an incident where she was beaten thoroughly and left in pain, adding that the abuse continued in different shades, becoming worse and worse. Comic Pastor would use harsh words, call her friends on the phone to abuse her in her presence, and make her live a fake life, pretending to be happy and supportive when she was, in fact, miserable.


Munyalee also revealed that she suffered a miscarriage, which she attributed to the physical abuse she had endured in the hands of her ex-husband. She explained that she had grown to love pregnancy and was looking forward to being a mother, but losing the baby was a difficult time for her.


The abuse continued, leaving Munyalee emotionally traumatized and paralyzed inside. She lost confidence, going through a difficult process of discovery to find herself and begin her journey to healing.

Domestic violence is an issue that has been swept under the rug for too long, with victims often feeling ashamed and afraid to speak out. However, social media users have commended Munyalee’s story highlighting the importance of speaking out and seeking help when faced with abuse.

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