Copywright Infringment war continues – Saintfloew ft Delroy song, Superstar removed from YouTube


The hit song “Superstar” by Delroy Shewe featuring Saintfloew has been removed from YouTube following a copyright infringement claim lodged by the producer Gangsta Made It, who asserts that he alone fashioned the track. According to Gangsta, he played a crucial role in the creation of the masterpiece, but was neither financially compensated nor duly acknowledged for his contributions.

Sadly for fans of the song, the removal of “Superstar” from the streaming platform has caused an uproar, as it was widely known to be a cult classic and was even a chart-topping number in many regions. The stylings of Shewe and Saintfloew combined with Gangsta’s charismatic music production had many the world over enamored and moving to the beat.

The music industry is known for spectacular disputes and controversies, particularly when it comes to creative rights. As such, Gangsta’s claim is not out of place, but the removal of the song had many fans divided, with some supporting Gangsta’s cause whilst others decried his actions as needlessly censorial.

Despite this turn of events, there is still no word on whether the label has agreed to compensate Gangsta, or even to credit him for his contributions. In the meantime, the song’s fans are left bereft of the viral tune that rocked the airwaves for months on end.

The “Superstar” episode is a cautionary tale that shows just how complicated and brutal the music industry can become when it comes to sharing creative rights, royalties, and credit. It also raises some vital questions about the fairness of copyrights and the financial gains that ensue from music production.