Couple Commits Suicide Over Pot Of Sadza


Police in Manicaland Province have implored couples to seek counselling whenever there are misunderstandings rather than resort to self-harm.


This comes after a man and his wife from Marange committed suicide one after the other following a misunderstanding over how to prepare sadza.


Peter Mukwada (29) and Pure Gezana (21) were both employed as domestic workers in Rimai Village.

According to The Manica Post’s sources, Mukwada accused Gezana of wasting maize meal by using a big pot.


Gezana reportedly left the house and did not return. Her lifeless body was later found hanging from a tree in a nearby bush at the back of their employer’s homestead.


Her body was discovered by Mukwada, who upon seeing his wife dead, also hanged himself.


The couple is survived by two children.


ZRP spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the double suicide. He said:

Mukwada pointed out that Gezana was using a big pot to prepare sadza and was wasting maize meal.

He advised her to use a smaller pot but she stormed out of the kitchen and went to a bushy area where she hung herself using a rope. The bush is 50 metres away from the kitchen hut.

When Mukwada realised that more than 30 minutes had elapsed before his wife came back, he followed her and discovered her body hanging from a tree branch.

He called his neighbour, Ozias Kuhudzehwe, who accompanied him to the scene.

Mukwada later told Kuhudzehwe that he was feeling cold and wanted to put on a jacket. He went back home.

Kuhudzehwe also left the scene to go and inform the village head, Munamato Chipindirwe, about Gezana’s suicide. Added Insp Muzondo:

When Kuhudzehwe and Village Head Chipindirwe went to the scene, Mukwada had not yet returned.

The pair is alleged to have waited for about 30 minutes at the scene before following Mukwada.

When they could not locate him at his home, they started looking for him.

His body was later found hanging from a tree branch, at least 300 metres from where his wife had killed herself.

The matter was reported to the police and they attended the scene. Said Insp Muzondo:

Whenever people have a difference in opinion, we urge them to seek counselling from the police’s Victim Friendly Unit, professional counsellors, church leaders, community leaders or trusted relatives.

Cases of suicide are seemingly on the rise as the country’s economic woes continue. This week, a deputy school head in Masvingo Province and a police officer in Harare committed suicide due to paltry salaries.