Court sets worshippers free

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A Harare magistrate yesterday granted bail to 10 worshippers who were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct on Friday during a prayer meeting in the capital.


The 10, who were granted $5 000 bail each by Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda, were remanded to June 24.

The remaining 24 opted to pay fines for disorderly conduct.

They were arrested at the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe building in central Harare where they intended to launch ‘The Zimbabwe We Want’ campaign in response to the country’s dire socio-economic crisis.

They were represented by Paida Saurombe from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), who said police failed to come up with a solid charge.

“There is no state outline, the charge was embarrassing,” Saurombe said.


“They had to force others to pay fine because there was no charge. We will get the charge on the next date we are coming back to court.


“They were even asking why they were even arrested.


Moses Mapakanga represented the state.


Police said the worshippers were supposed to seek police clearance first in line with the country’s laws.


But their arrest follows concerns by the opposition and human rights activists over the shrinking democratic space in the country.