Dennis Rodman, Who Rejected $20 Million to Impregnate Madonna, Had a 5-Word Confession on Why the Billionaire Singer Wanted the “Bad Boy”

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NBA legend Dennis Rodman has dated his fair share of celebrities in his day. But arguably none bigger than the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. Their relationship was highly publicized and Rodman even said that he rejected $20 million to impregnate Madonna. However, he had a five-word confession about why she dated the ‘Bad Boy’.

Rodman and Madonna had a short relationship, but they were very heavily covered. At that time, Rodman was playing for the San Antonio Spurs and Madonna was a star in the entertainment world. They had a wild ride together and had some crazy stories.

But Rodman made an honest confession on why Madonna chose to date him out of everyone.


Dennis Rodman says Madonna chose him because her career was going down

Rodman has admitted this several times that he wondered why Madonna chose to be with him out of all the people in the world. He even admitted on the Oprah Winfrey Show about this. But now, Rodman has revealed why he thinks Madonna chose to be with him.

Rodman was asked why they got along so well. He said,” Well, her career was going down, that’s the truthful thing right there because no really gave anything about Madonna at that time. She needed something to boost her career back up, like a bad boy.”

“She loved bad boys, so basically I was the bad boy of the NBA, so basically came to San Antonio and chased me down,” Rodman said.


Rodman said he didn’t want to put her down, but he knew that this was the case. He said that he even told her that her music was trash and he can’t listen to it. But he said she was attracted to him because of who he was. And he revealed that he and Madonna are cool now.

The Chicago Bulls legend and Madonna were on and off for a couple of years before they ended it for good. After that, Rodman would go on to date a few other celebrities as well.

Meanwhile, Madonna would go on to produce several top albums and justify her place as one of the greatest pop stars ever. But according to Rodman, this would not have been possible if she did not meet him.


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