Detective Tafadzwa Chidawa arrested again – on charges of impersonation

Crimes and Courts

Tafadzwa Chidawa, a prominent social media private investigator who goes by the name Detective Kedha, has been arrested on charges of impersonating a police criminal investigation department detective.

Detective Kedha rose to fame for his efforts in capturing thieves in the streets of Harare’s central business district, as well as for his private investigator show.

According to reports, he was apprehended yesterday for allegedly posting a video of a woman he had arrested, in addition to impersonating a police officer. Though the precise nature of the charges against him is not yet clear, he is slated to appear in court soon.


In case you missed, took street investigations to another level by helping to cleanse perpetrators of romance scam (“mjolo crime”).

In his recent reality show episode which led to his arrest, Harare woman recently made headlines for shocking deception when she lied to the man she was dating by claiming that she was pregnant with his child.


Chidawa went undercover to unveil the truth of the matter.

The fact that Detective Kedha has landed in legal trouble is unfortunate, given his reputation for exposing criminal activities in Harare.


However, the allegations of impersonation and unlawful video posting are serious offenses that should not be taken lightly.