Drama As American Tourist Buys Beer For President Mnangagwa’s Guards At The State House


An American tourist has thrilled Zimbos after buying alcohol for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s guards at the State House in Harare.

The United States vlogger, who uses the name Counselllor on social media, visited Zimbabwe as part of his travel and tourism adventure. He left the US and moved to Kenya, where he has been documenting the life of ordinary Kenyans on his YouTube account. The vlogger has also been to countries like Egypt and Uganda.


The State House Visit

This month, Counselllor visited Zimbabwe to explore the country and share it with his fans on social media. He decided to be naughty and pass through the State House.


Recording videos around President Mnangagwa’s abode is prohibited, but the American vlogger did not care. He secretly recorded the video with his phone hidden.


As he walks by one of the State House entrances, he greets one soldier hoisting a gun, who then asks him for a beer. Counselllor indicates that he does not speak Shona, and the soldier asks for beer in English. The Presidential Guard specifies that he wants a bottle of Russian Bear vodka.


Counselllor Chats With Soldiers At The State House

By this time, the tourist has stopped and is having a little chat with the soldier as two others stand still by the gate. Counselllor then asks him how much he earns monthly as a Presidential Guard. The soldier indicates that he gets US$170 monthly and enjoys his job.


The American promises to buy the Russian Bear, and the soldier snickers as he doubts this.

Counselllor walks to a nearby store and buys Russian Bear for US$9 and dilution water for the soldiers. When he gets back to State House, one of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers at the residence walks over to get the plastic bag with their alcohol.


Touched, the soldier asks the American to save his contact number so they can talk later.

Watch The Video Here: