Drama as boyfriend refused to pay dinner costs for 18 friends of his girlfriend




From the video, the incident seemed to have happened in the United States of America due to their accent.

The lady who was celebrating her birthday expected her man to cover the dinner cost of 18 friends she invited for dinner together with her boyfriend.

“You should have paid for all our food…It’s my birthday, you should have gone all out…I cannot believe you doing this to me…that’s your job,” she said.


However, her boyfriend refused to foot the bill.


The b0yfriend of the lady said “I am not paying for everybody’s food. It is your birthday, cool but I am not doing it. Why do you think I have to pay for all your food tho?” he questioned the lady.

Twitter users have since reacted to the video. ‘The 18’ is trending number one with over 200 thousand tweets in reference to the video.


While some people are backing the lady’s demand, others also think it is wrong for the lady to have demanded such a gesture from her man


Well, Watch the viral video below ;