Drunk Groom Struggles to Stand During Vows at Wedding Ceremony – [Watch Video]


In a widely circulated video, a groom is seen grappling with his balance as he exchanges vows with his bride, showcasing a challenging situation at their wedding.

The groom’s arrival at the ceremony was marked by noticeable drunkenness, causing him to struggle to stand independently. Throughout the vows exchange, he relied on the support of a groomsman to remain steady on his feet.


Despite the groom’s impaired condition, the officiating pastor continued with the ceremony as planned. Surprisingly, the bride appeared calm and composed, showing no signs of distress or embarrassment due to the situation unfolding.

The video’s viral nature sparked discussions and reactions online, with viewers expressing a range of emotions from amusement to concern. Some viewers empathized with the groom’s unfortunate circumstance, while others criticized his lack of responsibility and decorum on such a significant occasion.



The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior and preparation during milestone events like weddings. It also highlights the unpredictability of live events and the potential challenges that can arise, requiring adaptability and composure from those involved.


Despite the initial hiccup, the wedding ceremony proceeded, and the couple officially tied the knot. The video, capturing a moment of vulnerability and unexpectedness, serves as a memorable and cautionary tale for future wedding celebrations.


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