Empty Old Trafford! Man United Fans To Boycott Liverpool Match


Disgruntling Manchester United fans after threatening to boycott the club’s match against Liverpool.

The match between Man United and Liverpool is scheduled for 22 August at 21:00hrs.

The Glazers family took over the ownership of the club back in 2005. Since the takeover of the Glazers family, fans haven’t been satisfied by how the new owners run the show.

Many a time, Man United followers protested against the Glazers demanding them to pump money into the club and bring back Man United’s glory.

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter have launched a hashtag ‘Empty Old Trafford’ – a protest aimed at boycotting the Liverpool fixture.

Henry Anthony

Anyone with #EmptyOldTrafford in their tweet has got my respect and a free follow. Enough is enough, the theatre of dreams has been a house of nightmares for far too long. We demand a change, we demand progress!

Bill United

I stand with the fans of this club get The Glazers out #EmptyOldTrafford get the club back where it belongs #MUFC #ManUnited #GlazersOut #GlazersSellManUtd

Baryamushanga Ronny

Some of us supported #ManchesterUnited when we were still young and all we know is winning but this time around, things have changed…. we need our team back to its core aim #EmptyOldTrafford



BOYCOTT! #MUFC #EmptyOldTrafford If we are serious about getting rid of the glazers then we have to do AC Milan and Valencia-style boycotts to force them out. No more going to games and no more buying from the United Store. Doing this against Liverpool will send a strong message.

Man United commenced the 2022/23 season with a defeat from Brighton and Hove Albion at home. Before the match, fans were protesting against the Glazers family. Fans flashed a banner with the words “Fight greed. Fight for United. Fight Glazers.”