Ex-Dembare player in trouble over mbanje plants found in his garden

Crimes and Courts

Former Dynamos Football club goalkeepers’ coach Gift Muzadzi was arrested and appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court facing allegations of growing dagga without a license.


Muzadzi was supposed to stand for his trial today after police officers recovered 7 plants of Mbanje.

He was initially arrested on September 3 and was granted $50 000 bail.


He was remanded to November 29 for trial.


Allegations are that on May 29 this year at around 1500 hours, police officers received a tip off that there was a house in Goodhope area, Harare where there were several plants of dagga being cultivated in the garden.

lt is alleged that acting on the tip off, three police officers quickly reacted and proceeded to number 639, Goodhope Road, Harare where they entered the yard and they identified themselves as police officers from Marlborough Police Station.


The officers further interviewed Mendy Mhene who stated that the 7 plants belonged to her husband.


The three police officers further interviewed the accused person who revealed to them that the 7 plants of dagga belong to him.

Muzadzi’s wife then led the three police officers to the garden and this led to his arrest and recovery of 7 plants of dagga.


The recovered dagga had a height measuring in between 0,86 metres to 1,8 metres high.


The recovered 7 plants of dagga will be produced in court as an exhibit.

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