Explosive Revelation: Zimbabwean MMA Fighter Themba Gorimbo Blames Kirsty Coventry for Shocking Decision to Wave South African Flag in UFC Victory


South Africa-based Zimbabwean Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star, Themba “The Answer” Gorimbo, recently emerged victorious in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and he has an intriguing story behind his choice of attire.

During his latest UFC bout, Gorimbo proudly displayed the South African flag on his kit, which raised eyebrows and piqued curiosity.


In a series of Instagram stories, Gorimbo unveiled the reason for his unconventional decision. He revealed that his kit did not bear the Zimbabwean flag because of Kirsty Coventry, the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in Zimbabwe.


Despite his ardent desire to represent his homeland, Gorimbo’s request to wear the Zimbabwean flag on his kit was turned down by Coventry, leaving him disheartened.


“So I have to let all go and move on. I hate to say this but it hurts me that my country’s sports minister wouldn’t approve me to have Zim flag on my kit.I had to represent another country and glad it was South Africa,” Gorimbo wrote on his Instagram stories.


Gorimbo went on to disclose a previous instance where he resorted to using the Ghanaian flag in a different fight.


To validate his claims, he provided evidence demonstrating his sincere attempts to seek official approval from Coventry’s ministry.

“Very sad that out of all countries in ufc I can’t have my own country flag on my kit. Last time i used Ghana and this time SA. All thanks to @officialkirtsycoventry,” Gorimbo said.


At the time of publishing, Kirsty Coventry had not responded to Themba Gorimbo’s accusations.