Fear Women: Woman credits ex-husband for taking her overseas where she met her soulmate


Jean recently shared her story of finding love overseas after relocating with her husband and daughter. She credits her ex-husband for the move and the opportunity it provided her to find her soulmate.


Despite their separation, she expressed gratitude for his continued involvement in raising their daughter.

Jean is now in a relationship with a white man and is expecting a child with him. In other social media posts, she revealed that her marriage with her African husband was already unhappy, and that her African family members encouraged her to stay in the relationship. However, she had the courage to leave and pursue a new life, which has now led to her finding love.


Jean’s posts have sparked discussion around the complexities of marriage and relationships, as well as the impact of cultural and familial expectations. While some commenters praised her for following her heart and taking control of her life, others criticized her for leaving her African husband for a white man.

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