Former Chelsea coach says this is the worst Blues team in 10 years


Chelsea are in a bad way right now, and plenty of pundits are taking the chance to stick the boot in.

Tony Cascarino has this morning said that what he’s watching now is “probably the worst Chelsea team they have had over the last 10 years.”

Now we know he’s on Talksport, but Cascarino is not as reactive as some of their pundits, and he actually makes some good points.


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He explains that his reasoning – you watch the team and you “don’t know what they’re about.”

That’s fair. It’s not really clear what the team are doing in attack or in defence. A lot of fans hated Maurizio Sarri and AVB’s attempts to turn the team into something new – but you could at least see the idea, even if it didn’t work out.

Cas also pointed to issues with our strikers – we’ve had three different strikers in three Premier League games, scoring 0 goals between them and barely having a shot.