Former “Mr Ugly” Dies After Years Of Alleged Drug And Substance Abuse


Former “Mr Ugly”, Mison Sere, has died at the age of 51. Sere reportedly collapsed while relieving himself in the toilet at his family house in Mabvuku.


H-Metro reported family spokesperson, Danny Sere, as saying they believe his death was probably caused by illicit drugs and illegal alcoholic drinks he was consuming. Said Danny:


Mison has been abusing drugs and drinking illicit alcohol for some time.

At one time, he would show signs of mental disturbances due to drugs.


He would move around looking for houses where people are gathered for funerals.

There was no funeral gathering around Mabvuku, which he didn’t attend, just for beer only.


He would spend more than three days camped at a funeral.


Chainyanyorwadza ndechekuti ainwa tudoro utwu asinakudya.


Sere won the title of “ugliest person” four times, beating inaugural winner, William Masvinu.


However, his win in 2015 courted controversy as some critics argued that he was too “handsome” to be counted among the contestants.


Sere’s detractors argued that he only had missing teeth and should not be among the ugly contestants.


ZANU PF candidate for Mabvuku-Tafara National Assembly constituency in the 09 December by-elections, Pedzai Sakupwanya, reportedly donated mealie-meal, meat, tomatoes and vegetables for the funeral.