From Holy Ten To Ben 10: Mukudzei Gets Burned After Shooting his Shot at Fadzayi Mahere


Controversial Zimbabwean Hip Hop singer Holy Ten’s attempt to woo Citizen Coalition for Change Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has flopped.


It looks like Mujaya as he is affectionately referred to by his legions of fans has been secretly admiring Advocate Fadzayi Mahere. Yesterday, however, he decided to make his intentions known by shooting his shot at Fadzayi Mahere.

Taking to his Twitter account, Holy Ten tagged Fadzayi Mahere and asked her out on a dinner date.

“Fadzi Mahere kinda cute! Can I take you out for dinner nhai @advocatemahere,” Holy Ten wrote.

Fadzayi Mahere still hadn’t responded to his tweet. It looks like she blue-ticked him.

Meanwhile, Holy Ten’s tweet has since sparked mixed reactions as social media users slammed him for mocking Fadzayi Mahere by saying that she is kinda cute instead of saying that she is beautiful. Tweeps mocked him saying that Fadzayi Mahere is out of his league.Netizens also accused him of being a clout chaser.

On the other hand, some social media users warned Fadzayi Mahere not to entertain Holy Ten least he accuses her of doing something sinister after the date just like he did to Winky D after collaborating with him on the hit song  “ibotso.”

Here are some of the comments;

@Tafadzwa Gasha;

Holy, you wanna be a BeN TeN, come on man, can’t you see that you are too young for that… Tuma cents twese tunopera baba tanhai dzamunosvikira👐👐

@Sanchez Leonard; 

Temhayi dzamunosvikira, especially when you are a dunderhead 😂


Womuka the following day uchiti you were “forced” to go on that date…man up boy!

@Tawanda Washe Kwiriri;

That’s disrespectful to someone’s partner?, besides kuti Kinda Cute ndokuti kudii? Does he even know the meaning of the word ‘kinda’, This boy’s ane too much pride! This Kuganza attitude has no place in our culture! Better he realises this early bcz seri kweguva hakuna muteuro 

@Tatenda Lionel Gwanzura;

From Holy 10 to Ben 10

In another separate tweet, Holy Ten boasted saying that Zimbabwe is a boring country if he is not trending.

This country is boring if I’m not trending. These bloggers have nothing. Nothing!