Girl, 6, rap£d, stoned to d£ath to conceal evidence

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MAGUNJE – In a shock incident, a 26-year-old Magunje man allegedly rap£d and went on k¡ll his six-year-old victim by striking her head with a rock to conceal the s£xual cr¡me.


Police on Sunday confirmed they have detained Shingai Makura for murd£r.

“On 28 October 2023, police in Magunje arrested Shingai Makura, 26, in connection with a case of murd£r in which a minor, 6, was found lying naked between two big rocks in a bushy area in Mavhondo Village, Chief Dandawa, Magunje.


“The suspect allegedly raped the victim before he hit her with a stone on the head in a bid to conceal the r@pe case.”

Police did not give further details around the crime.


Rape against minor girls is prevalent in the country with a lot of the suspects being adults.


In May this year, 57-year-old Aleck Masomera, a Harare school teacher was slapped with a 15-year pr!son sentence after being found gu!lty of r@ping his neighbour’s 11-year-old daughter he had been taking for extra lessons.


Last month, Dennis Mpondo, 54, an overseer at a Faith in God Ministries Church in Harare appeared in court facing charges of showing his 10-year-old niece a p0rn0graphic video on his phone before r@ping her.