Grade seven student hangs self

Sad News Suicide

A Grade 7 learner from Tapfuma Primary School in Rujeko suburb, Marondera allegedly committed su!cide last night, with his body discovered around 6am today, hanging from a tree.


The incident has left Marondera residents in complete shock.

When The Herald arrived at the scene, his body was still hanging from the avocado tree at his parents’ house.

A huge crowd had gathered, watching and waiting for the police to remove the remains.


Some could not hold back their tears as they watched the body being lowered from the tree branch into the police coffin.

Gogo Vito, a neighbour of the family said the incident has shocked her.


“I first heard a woman crying at around 6am and I thought maybe there was a fight in the neighbourhood. When I listened carefully, I realised it was my neighbour’s voice. I rushed there only to be met with this sight. I am hurt and shocked.


“I have known this family for a long time and their son was a good person. He was a disciplined boy. We never heard of his fights with anyone.


“What is painful is that he was the only child, following the d£ath of their other child some time back. They had all their hopes on this one, now he is also gone. I do not want to even imagine the pain his parents are going through at the moment.”

It is not yet clear what could have been the trigger for the boy’s suicide.