Groom plays video of bride ‘cheating’ on him in front of stunned wedding guests

Bizarre Video

A GROOM took revenge on his unfaithful partner by playing a video of her doing the dirty on him at their wedding.

In the video, the couple was about to say their wedding vows when the pastor asked if anyone had an objection.


Surprisingly, the groom raised his hand, and everyone wondered what he had to say.

The groom faced the bride and told her how much he loved her. He said he had something in mind to tell her but didn’t know how to say it.


According to him, he decided to show her everything in a video on their wedding day.

After speaking to the bride, he brought a remote and played a clip via a projector facing the congregation.

The video showed the bride kissing another man, and everyone screamed in shock. The bride felt ashamed as she covered her face with her flower bouquet.

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