Harare Family Names Kids Jesus, Mbuya Nehanda And Mugabe


Kambamura family from Warren Park, Harare has named its three children Jesus, Mbuya Nehanda and Mugabe.


Mbuya Nehanda an iconic revolutionary medium hanged for daring to challenge the settler regime in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.

In Christianity Jesus is the son of God who redeemed the world from sin.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a national hero and the founding leader of Zimbabwe.

The firstborn is Jesus (9), the second born Mbuya Nehanda (7) and lastly Mugabe (4).

The father, Farai Kambamura said he was inspired by his life experience encountered in the ghetto. He told The Herald:

When I got married my wife gave birth to our firstborn, I was so excited. The moment she gave birth, I just thought about Mai Maria (biblical Mary the mother of Jesus). So, I said God is with us, this is Jesus.

After Jesus, we were blessed with a daughter and I thought about Mbuya Nehanda. She fought a battle to the extent she was hanged and died for this country.

Six years after my daughter was born, I was excited to see the statue of the iconic liberator Mbuya Nehanda there was a statue in the city centre and also put on local currency bank notes. She is so excited about it.

Mugabe my son is somebody who is just too intelligent. Before naming him, I could just see from the look in his eyes. He is a blue-eyed guy.

Our former President, I revere him so much. As we speak now, Mugabe, my son who is only four years old, dreams in English. The other day he said Apple in his sleep.

This guy is as intelligent as he is. I think he will move places. In the event of my demise, I think he will take care of his mother and siblings.

Mr Kambamura said at first both the children and relatives were sceptical of the names with his mother saying he had lost his mind. He added:

I just kept calling them whenever I was home.

Now as we speak, she even calls me ‘Baba Bona’. She is the number one fan and the mother also at first would say I am crazy but calls them by those names.


Kambamura said Mbuya Nehanda is always happy to see Mbuya Nehanda’s statue at the intersection of Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere in Harare and to receive a ZW$50 bank note which has Mbuya Nehanda’s face.

Mr Kambamura said Jesus serves mass in the church and is the one who carries the procession cross.