Harare Female Cop To Have Salary Deducted for 5 Years For Being a Small House

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A female police officer who was accused of wrecking a marriage will have a portion of her salary withheld until she pays $5,000 to her boyfriend’s wife, according to reports.

A Bulawayo magistrate has issued a garnishee order on her salary.

Yeukai Pfumbirai filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Chipo Mukwasi, an officer who is reportedly stationed at Tomlinson Depot in Harare, alleging that Mukwasi was romantically involved with her husband.

On January 9th of this year, Pfumbirai was granted a judgment that awarded her $5,000 in her case against Mukwasi.


Despite this, Mukwasi reportedly refused to provide her home address, making it challenging to serve her with the court summons for payment. Subsequently, Pfumbirai requested a garnishee order to enforce payment.


As a result, Bulawayo magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe approved Pfumbirai’s request for a garnishee order. The amount was, however, reduced to $75 from the original $200 request.


According to her affidavit, Pfumbirai stated that:

“I was granted a judgment in my favor on January 9th. The respondent owes me a total of $5,000, which includes $2,500 in compensation for the harm, abuse, and humiliation I experienced as a result of the affair, as well as $2,500 for the loss of intangible benefits of the relationship.”

Although Pfumbirai served Mukwasi with the court summons at her workplace, she encountered obstacles as Mukwasi reportedly rejected receiving them. As a result, Pfumbirai had no choice but to seek a garnishee order as the only feasible option for payment.



At the garnishee order hearing, Chipo Mukwasi attended court wearing her police uniform. The magistrate instructed her to leave the courtroom, change into civilian formal attire, and return to the proceedings.


Nevertheless, Mukwasi did not reappear in court after being directed to change her uniform.