Hatfield Man Loses US$12,000 At A Restaurant In Robbery Nightmare

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A relaxing meal at Pariah Restaurant turned into a nightmare for a 44-year-old Hatfield resident, who fell victim to a brazen robbery on Monday.

While savoring his food across from Belgravia Shopping Centre, the victim, Tryst Chibi’s day took a dark turn as he lost valuables totaling US$12,000 to cunning thieves.

US$12,000 Vanishes in Daring Daylight Heist

In a chilling turn of events, Trust Chibi had no idea that he was being closely observed by a cunning thief, biding their time for the perfect moment to pounce.

Suddenly, with an eerie silence, an unidentified individual shattered the rear passenger window of Chibi’s sleek grey Toyota Fortuner.


The perpetrator swiftly seized the opportune moment, vanishing into the darkness with a treasure trove of valuable possessions.


Among the stolen loot was a prized Dell Laptop, along with not one but two high-end cellphones, the Samsung S23 Note and the Samsung S21.

However, the most staggering blow came with the disappearance of a substantial US$8,000 in cash.

local publication reports that Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed that the authorities are now investigating the matter.

In his statement, he said,

“Police received a report of theft from a car at a restaurant in Belgravia, and investigations have since begun.”