Here Is The Maintenance Fee Seh Calaz Will Pay To Moira Knight


Following the tug-of-war between Seh Calaz and Moira Knight after failing to deal with their break up, Magistrate Judith Taruvinga has ruled out that the former will pay ZWL$45 000 as maintenance.


Since their nasty break up, the two are always on each other’s throat, taking to social media to settle their ‘beef’.

Moira who is a daughter of the famous media personality Eric Knight, had previously claimed US$ 1 050 as maintenance from Seh Calaz.


She was demanding US$120 (electricty), US$300 (rentals), US$110 (clothes), US$100 (transport), among other things.


Seh Calaz offered to pay US$50 as maintenance before today’s judgement, which compelled him to pay $45k, alluding that he has six more kids depending on him.

However, magistrate Taruvinga said that Moira’s demand(s) were too high and unrealistic for the Zimdancehall chanter to meet.


The monthly maintenance of US$1 050 is above the respondent’s income and in my view not realistic.


The respondent is ordered to pay $45 000 as monthly maintenance effective March 31st until the child reaches the age of 18.


Moira and Calaz’s only son Treasure Winter turned 2 years old on the 9th of March.

Recently, Seh Calaz and Moira attacked each other on social media after the former posted pictures of him cosying with all his children.


Moira lashed out at the chanter accusing him of photoshopping their son’s image.


I’m finding it funny how a certain someone had to photoshop my son’s photo into the group photo to make it look like vanga vari vese. 🤦‍♀️ Socks level, exact same pose🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. That was the first day rangu kuona and kuziva kuti kune vana avo, ndandaudzwa kuti i photoshoot ya Treasure and his big sister. Haii haii haii haii 🙌🙌 #myJourney, wrote Moira.