Hichilema Warns Against Coup Plotters Endangering Zambia’s Democracy And Stability


President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia has issued a warning to potential coup plotters, urging them not to threaten the country’s democratic rule and stability. The reason behind his warning is not explicitly stated, but it comes in the wake of recent coups in other African countries and concerns regarding the rising cost of living in Zambia.


Since gaining independence, Zambia has not experienced military rule, although there have been thwarted coup attempts in the past.


During a visit to the Kanyama suburb of the capital city, Lusaka, President Hichilema also expressed gratitude for the support received from the people and emphasized the importance of reducing the cost of living. He posted on his socials:

Thank you very much, people of Kanyama.

We are grateful for your continued support. Your appreciation towards our efforts in setting our country’s economic path on the right trajectory means a lot.

Your call on us to keep working towards the reduction of the cost of living is cardinal.

It is for this reason that we have intensified talks regarding the much needed fair pricing for mealie meal.

In the short term, we have intensified monitoring of those who could be smuggling our mealie meal and maize into other countries. We will stop this, and as this is being done, we have called on Millers to charge a fair price on mealie meal.

In the long run, we are calling on each citizen to take keen interest in farming and also support our policy that a farmer must be paid well for their maize in order for them to be motivated to grow more and subsequently mealie meal prices will drop.

We are in this together, and we must all get involved.

However, to colleagues that think, we are timid by being kind and that they can break the laws and entertain thoughts of illegal take over of government including undemocratic coup d’état, our only word is that; We are coming for you and we will not allow you to make Zambians start running around as is the case in some places.

Once more. Thank you, people of Kanyama, for voting for us, and yes, as the Hakainde Hichilema family, we will sink a borehole in each of the wards in Lusaka District and challenge all those that can to join us in this initiative. Water is life.

Zambia is set to hold general elections in 2026, and former President Edgar Lungu is planning to make a comeback. Political advisor Chris Zumani Zimba has cautioned that the upcoming elections won’t be easy for either the ruling UPND or the opposition PF comparing the situation to the Russia-Ukraine war due to its intensity and difficulties.

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